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+1200 Kilometer

Inspected Pipelines

+250 Hours

Data Logging

+800 Man per Hour

Power of Data Analysis

+15 Parameters


Sense of Integrity

Relying on domestic experts and aiming to develop the country's national industry, Sedco has been able to take a step toward the development of the national pigging industry and focus its activities on the pipeline inspection industry.​​​​​​​

Pipeline Condition Meter


The PCM developed by Sedco in 2013, is mounted on the cleaning pigs to log and measure the pipeline condition data, including temperature, acceleration, pressure, and differential pressure. Analyzing the pressure and temperature profiles of the pipeline gives the pipeline general condition, including clogging, improper welding lines, dents, valves condition, and corrosion in the different sections of the pipeline. Analyzing the acceleration components, it is also possible to evaluate the welding line condition.

data logger+pipeline condition meter+PCM+inline inspection+intelligent pigging

Sense of Integrity

 sedco- sedco blogaims to provide specialized knowledge in the field of the Oil & Gas pipeline inspection


SEDCO+ aims to provide specialized knowledge in the field of the Oil & Gas pipeline inspection and focus on the capabilities and standards of the in-line inspection tools. It is hoped that we take steps forward to improve technical knowledge and bring our beloved country to self-sufficiency.​​​​​​​

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