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As pig enters into the pipeline and moves with the fluid, it would be difficult to determine its exact location at any time. When a pig enters the pipeline through a launcher, it is important to track its progress along the pipeline. For this reason, pigs are often monitored along in high-risk areas such as valves, overpasses, and so on. When the pig is stuck in the pipe and can no longer move, it is more important to determine its exact location. The most common way to do this is to place the so-called signaler at strategic points along the pipeline. The most common type of signaller is an intrusive signaller. However, this requires a physical opening in the pipeline or the connection of a 2-inch flange. Where this is not possible for a variety of reasons, a non-intrusive signaller can be used. They can be connected to the outside of the pipeline to detect the passage of a pig from outside the pipe wall. Diagnostic methods, in this case, are based on magnetic or acoustic (ultrasonic) methods.​​​​​​​

Intrusive signaller: An intrusive signaller is a device that is placed on a pipeline to determine whether a pig has crossed it. In this way, it is necessary to apply changes in the pipeline, which is why this method is called intrusive or interfering. pig signaller

Non-intrusive signaller: Unlike the intrusive signaller, a non-intrusive signaller determines the location of the pig without applying a change in the pipeline and by sending waves. These signallers often consist of two parts, the transmitter on the pig and the receiver at the user's disposal.

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Types of the non-intrusive signaller

Acoustic and ultrasonic signaller: In this method, the sound generated by acoustic waves is transmitted to the receiver. This technique is relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, the high range of its detection and low battery consumption has made this technique very acceptable. However, since this method is based on acoustic waves, it is not suitable for gas pipelines and multilayer pipes.

Electromagnetic Signaller: In this method, an electromagnetic wave propagating system is placed on the pig, and the transmitted waves are detected by the electromagnetic wave detector at the user's disposal. This method is cheap and very accurate. On the other hand, this method can be used for pipelines up to a depth of 5-6 meters underground. However, the coverage range of the transmitted waves is very low, and the battery consumption in these signals is very high.

Magnetic Signaller: These non-destructive signallers are the most reliable way to detect the passage of a pig. These signallers are very easy to use and require minimal equipment and prerequisites. In this method, the transmitter located on the pig is a magnet that by sending magnetic signals and receiving them by the receivers located on the pipeline, the passage of the pig from any point is confirmed, and thus the location of the pig can be identified. This method is cheap and very accurate and can also be used for underground waves at a depth of 5-6 meters and at different speeds.

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سدکو (توسعه انرژی پایدار پارس) افتخار دارد که خود را عضوی از صنعت نفت و گاز کشور بداند که توانسته‌است قدمی در راستای توسعه پیگرانی کشور بردارد. سدکو با بهره‌گیری از متخصصان و با هدف توسعه صنعت ملی کشور، از سال 1392 فعالیت خود را در حوزه صنعت بازرسی خطوط لوله انتقال نفت و گاز آغاز نموده‌است. با توجه به هزینه‌های بالای بازرسی خطوط لوله به‌وسیله پیگ‌های هوشمند، این شرکت در سال 1394 اقدام به طراحی و ساخت دستگاه (PCM (Pipeline Condition Meter کرده‌است که توانسته کمک بزرگی به هوشمندسازی عملیات تمیزکاری خطوط لوله باشد. دستگاه PCM در این مدت اعتماد و تایید صاحب‌نظران این عرصه، همچون مدیریت شرکت خطوط لوله و مخابرات نفت ایران (IOPTC)، سرپرست مدیریت و پژوهش شرکت ملی نفت، رئیس پژوهشگاه صنعت نفت و دیگر مسئولان مرتبط را جلب نموده‌است. هدف این شرکت ارائه خدمات و اجرای پروژه‌های مرتبط در این حوزه با بهترین کیفیت و در زمان مطلوب می‌باشد که امید است بتواند نیازهای کشور را همپای بهترین‌های صنعت جهانی تامین نماید.​​​​​​​

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