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Oil and gas pipelines in Iran have a long lifetime, which puts them at risk of wear and tear. Carrying out inspection and identification of destructive phenomena before serious damage to pipelines can reduce the damage to these lines and increase financial costs or even the cost of the life of these lines.
Today, smart pigging is used to inspect pipelines, which, in addition to all the advantages of this pigging, makes it difficult to keep up with the high cost of inspection by intelligent pigs. In this regard, SEDCO has developed a device to assess the condition of the pipeline, which can be installed and used alongside simple cleaning pigs.

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data logger

The Pipeline Condition Meter (PCM) is a tool designed for collecting and storing the operational data during a pipeline inspection and can be mounted on a simple cleaning pig or used in a separate independent operation. The PCM can measure the pipeline’s operational parameters, including the temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and acceleration by sensors embedded.  ​​​​​​​

data logger+intelligent pigging+PCM+data logger+Sedco

Key Advantages of PCM

Measuring parameters temperature, pressure, differential pressure, and acceleration with 100 Hz frequency.

Data logging based on maximum, minimum, and average values with 4 Hz frequency.

Operating pressure up to 200 bar

Standard operating temperature from -20 ̊C to 80 ̊C ( -4 to 176 ̊F)

Data Logging and Recording time up to 250 hours of the inspection.

Made of resistant stainless steel

Can be mounted on tools used for 4” to 56” inspection​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​PCM data is recorded in time. Therefore, assuming that the pigging velocity is constant, and using the Odometer Wheel, which is manufactured by Sedco and connected to the PCM device, the data location can be estimated

An odometer is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or a car. Usually, the odometer makes use of an electrical system that employs a magnetic pulse which is created once for each revolution of the wheel. These pulses are electrically transmitted into an instrument that is carried by the vehicle.
In pipeline inspection services, particularly where it is desired to locate leaks in the pipeline, it is difficult to determine to any degree of accuracy the location of a pipeline pig at the time when a leak determination was made. To meet this need, Sedco has designed and developed an odometer wheel that can operate in high-pressure pipelines up to 50 bar and can estimate the location of the pig at 95%. data logger

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ODOMeter Wheel

SEDCO's operations team uses data from oil and gas pipelines and analyzes the data of its data analysis team, which is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the output data of sensor devices, providing analysis that leads to the collection of practical information about Pipe error will occur. During multi-stage filters and computational operations and related coding on analyzed data, the team reports descriptive information about pipeline conditions to the pipeline operator. Analyzes provided by the SEDCO Analysis Team will lead to the collection of practical information on pipelines, some of which are as follows: inline inspection
    Obtaining a patten for thickness changes: Displaying data, you can see the thickness change pattens and identify their location.
    Determining on/off pattern for the booster pump: The effects and time of increasing and decreasing the pressure of the booster pump on the data can be extracted can be provided.
      Identifying the location of welding points: By analyzing the data, the location of welding points in pipelines can be identified and reported to the operator.
      Height pro changes in the data patterns provide the height profile of the pipeline.
      Quality of pipeline cleanliness: Analyzing the data can show the quality of the pipeline cleanliness descriptively and comparatively.
     Quality of cleaning operations: The quality of cleaning operation can be obtained in two sequent pig running within the pipeline.

PCM Data Logging

Operators of oil and gas transmission pipelines can always monitor the condition of their pipeline by purchasing a PCM device and using the support of the SEDCO team in order to use the device. Such as providing knowledge-based facilities for PCM installment purchases, SedSoft software, ATEX Anti-Explosion Certificate and Continuous Accompaniment of SEDCO Data Analysis Team.

Beyond Data Logging

SedSoft Software

The SedSoft has provided a good platform for providing information to the user, along with the powerful processing of operational data and the presentation of quantitative and qualitative applied reports.
This platform provides easy and comprehensive usability on PC by maintaining the necessary level of intelligence for the software. The SedSoft offers the following features to the user:

Classifying inspection operations based on various parameters

Adequate access to the operator to change the components of the pipeline

General dashboards of the total operations

Evaluating the operation and determine the current status of the pipeline

Displaying 11 functional charts of the pressure, temperature, and acceleration components

Continuous use of data logging tools and reviewing the results in SedSoft allows the operator to manage the pipeline maintenance.

Displaying 3 analytical parameters along the pipeline

Sensitive chart evaluation

Comparing two different operations

The complete report of the operation

 My PCM Application

In addition to SedSoft, SEDCO has developed the Android application called My PCM to intelligently set up the PCM and gather more information during data logging operations. Using this application, the user registers the operational data and determines how to start the data logging. It is also possible to view the values of the sensors at the same time before starting the operation to ensure that the PCM is running properly.​​​​​​​

data analysis software-This platform provides easy and comprehensive usability on PC by maintaining the necessary level of intelligence for the software.
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